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Mamaroneck Self-Storage Joins Westchester Green Business-Certified Program

Launched in January 2014 by the Westchester Green Business Challenge, Westchester Green Business-Certified (WGB-Certified) offers this membership program for Westchester County business organizations that are ready integrate sustainable practices into all areas of operation, committing to reducing their environmental footprint and promoting environmental stewardship at all levels of their organization.

By joining WGB-Certified, organizations receive the tools, training and support necessary to achieve measurable results and increased recognition as an industry leader. The program occurs in a collaborative setting encouraging peer-to-peer sharing of best green business practices. Companies that achieve certification will have gone through a valuable and rigorous process resulting in a clear pathway toward environmental sustainability for their organization.

Built to meet the rigorous energy-efficiency and sustainability standards of NYSERDA's New Construction Program, making our facility close to 60% more efficient over baseline standard construction, Mamaroneck Self-Storage will be the area's first "green" self-storage facility.

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