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How Green is Mamaroneck Self Storage?

Mamaroneck Self Storage will be a cutting edge 40,000 sf self-storage facility in the Village of Mamaroneck, convenient to and from any part of Westchester County. Murphy Brothers Contracting has made energy-efficiency a priority enrolling Mamaroneck Self Storage in NYSERDA's New Construction Program (NCP); the facility is being built to meet the program's rigorous energy-efficiency and sustainability standards. Working with area architect Kim Martelli and high-performance building consultants Steven Winter Associates, we are making Mamaroneck Self Storage a "green" building.

Just how "green"? In terms of energy conservation the proposed whole building design energy usage is projected to be 52% more efficient than ASHRAE 90.1-07 PRM G baseline standards, resulting in an annual electric savings of 224,118(kWh) at a yearly electric cost-savings of over $30,000. And that's before the addition of a 15kW Dow Powerhouse ™ Solar Shingle system on the surrounding mansard roof.

Super energy-efficient insulation and glass will help keep Mamaroneck Self Storage at a very comfortable temperature 24/7 year-round. The building will use LED lighting and water-saving fixtures as well. Now that's pretty green!

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